It's not often that I have been given to do my homework at the university, but yesterday was an exception! Andy and I had co- task as both became 18 years old repaired last month and now we had been to write an order of Greek mythology, and as a team Andy, we went to my house to do some research on the Internet to do. When we reached my house, we got our drinks and snacks and headed to my room and connected to the Internet. Since I did not expect someone in my room, except I was a bit of a mess with clothes and shoes and magazines everywhere, but Andy does not bother you, so I started looking on Google. After about 10 minutes of searching I needed to go to the bathroom, Andy and I left for a minute or two. Expected to be ampland faster than Andy, because when I opened the door of my room, there was Andy my underwear drawer and it was porn on the computer loot ! Andy was embarrassed, and he went bright red when I entered theRoom and quickly closed the drawer and mumbled something about looking for a pen to take notes. I looked at the screen, and had a great picture of a ampland man down in a sexy blonde who looked a bit like me. I thought the picture was cool and I knew I looked sexy in the uniform of the school, and I do not see how I was able to make Andy decided. " seems to be enjoying it, lucky cow ! " She said as she snapped the picture below. Andy seemed happy that I have not angered by nude and said, "I bet you do not have any problem, any amount that, though ?" A sweet way I get paid a compliment. "It so happens that I have never had anything except my friend's battery," I said when I was in the following picture of the man put his cock in the blonde girl looked. "That's terrible," said Andy, "I thought it would always be with you always so sweet and sexy. " He looked at me and smiled and said, " You think I'm sexy and then" andnodded and smiled, "Well, why do not you come here and show me how sexy I am?" I said with a smile, as I always imagined, but never thought I was a Andy approached me and put his hands on my waist, pulled me towards him to kiss me. Her lips were soft and warm, and gave me a long, wet kiss, which quickly became a full Frenchie, fight each other with the tongue in the mouth. I felt his hands slide my hips and then again under my short skirt and gray school until the top of my stockings white lace top. His hands slid around my ass and took me to his crotch and could feel his hard cock pressing against me through his pants. I reached down and squeezed his cock through his pants and felt hard and thick, and shuddered a little when I started to rub. His hands had now moved, and felt my tits through my white school shirt and loosening of the keys at the same time. We make our way to bed and fell onurged in a heap, tangled legs and body in tight to each other. His shirt was open and now Andy kissed my neck and starts to lick her way down. He came around and to my surprise, he jumped lightly on my bra and pulled out my tits and my nipples hard release, which began to ampland lick and suck as if you were playing with their hair. pushed my head down, and soon was licking the message and slowly kissed her way down my belly, gently circling her navel with his tongue for a few minutes when I got the skirt at the waist. He moved lower and kissed and licked her way down my thighs, when it came to my top half slowly licked his way inside of my thigh down to the thin fabric of my white lace thong. He licked all the way around the edge of the tip to make fun of me and makes me very, very wet, then very gently, I licked her pussy until half of the material by pressing with his tongue enough for me Sorry. "Ofucking hell am Andy, lick and eat pussy, "he said, and he pulled the panties aside and I felt hot, wet tongue slide all the way up and down out of my pussy swollen and felt so wonderful ampland I shuddered. put his hands on my thighs ampland and legs and pushed me at the same time forced his tongue into my wet pussy lips and my lips met and began telling the tongue fuck me hard. I leaned over and used both hands to his face in my pussy wet, wonderful feeling and I felt cum begin to grind. Andy licked and sucked my pussy and began to tremble and groan when their face and mouth hips pushed upstairs to get your tongue was as deep as possible. as soon as I finished running, I knew I had his cock inside me, but first wanted to use my own mouth. I love sucking cock, gives me the feeling of power is awesome and such time, knowing that a man loves a girl who loves to suck cock like me, is amazing. I nsat down and asked ampland her pants and he did not lose full-time starting. His cock was rock hard in my hand and fell into bed when I rushed to his cock and swallowed it with my mouth. I have no time to tease her I'm very much of it as possible and gently squeezed his balls with your hands. His cock was nice to suck and lick, and I ampland realized that I could have more of it in his mouth, but it was very thick, which was different from other kids in college, I had done this. Andy groaned and said, " Oh, yes, Annie, that bitch," which has become for me more because I'm talking dirty while sucking and fucking love. " Do you like my cock sucking, then ? " I know request hard cock in my mouth, what is the answer: " Oh God, yes, that Annie impressive," said Andy, when I met him deep in my throat. sucked for a few minutes, then I kissed my way to the mouth and stomach, which snogged hard and deep, lie with mewith it even in my school uniform, but he ampland is naked, it was so sexy! I rubbed his cock with my pussy and bent down and held him upright for me to sit, and I have to ampland say that twice! I sat down on my knees and went down with his cock hard and push me as far as possible and as I saw his face. I leaned forward and placed my hands on his chest, when I went up and down his fat thick cock slowly at first, but then come further and faster in time with her ??hips began. Occasionally, he immediately ampland leaned forward, and we kiss and suck on my tits and Andy when he did, I felt about small orgasms that made my pussy even wetter. Then Andy said, you should turn around and put my feet on the bed, so I leaned over him instead of knees. There was here before, but done by then I was ready for anything. I did as he said, and kept the skirt ampland waist, so goes his cock in me, I knew that the clockyou want. I loved this new position I have much more control and allowed me to go very slowly and accelerate, if I leaned forward and placed my hands on her knees. I felt his hands on my back pushing me to go slower, and as his cock was deep inside me, I would have to grind on me. Then, suddenly slipped his thumb into my ass and pushed down his cock inside me, and I was fucking amazing. There was never anything in my ass before and it felt wonderful when he began his thumb in and out of time with his dick in my pussy. ampland It was not long before I came back and this time filled with two holes, it was a great run. I sprouted everywhere ampland Andy 's ampland cock and balls, and did it again, because he said he wanted to cum at any time. He leaned forward and reached around and grabbed my tits and shoved at me from behind and pushed me hard on his throbbing cock. Then with a hand reached around and found my clitoris with your fingers while pushing hard toand I felt a huge spurt of cum beam deep into me slowly and stopped his punches. We sat there for a moment to catch his breath, then turned and tried his cock into me, to my surprise it was still difficult to maintain. I leaned forward and kissed us further: " The fucking was fantastic," said Andy and I smiled, "Hopefully we have a lot more boring tasks then eh? " I said, knowing that I wanted to explore more of the cock if we have done or left undone !
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